Contributed oral presentations will be selected by the program committee from the submitted abstracts, and the selected speakers notified by the end of July 2006.
Contributed and distinguished oral speakers are also welcomed to present a poster.

Preparation of Abstracts

How to Submit Your Abstract

Abstracts will only be accepted from registered participants.

Please include the following information in your email:-

The attached PDF file must be named using the following convention :
e.g.) Your registration number : 010
        Your family name : Kimura         >>    010.Kimura.pdf

    If you submit two or more abstracts,
         >>    010.Kimura.a.pdf, 010.Kimura.b.pdf, ...@

Confirmation of Submitting Your Abstract


Topics of the Conference

1. Fundamental aspects and basic theory
2. Instrumentation and new techniques
2-1. Time resolved phenomenon
2-2. Multiphoton PEEM
2-3. Abberation corrections
3. Applications
3-1. Magnetic materials
3-2. Thin films
3-3. Polymers and soft materials
3-4. Surface Science(phase transition, adsorption, chemical reactions, etc.)
3-5. Earth and environmental applications
3-6. Biological applications
3-7. Chemical analysis
3-8. Industrial applications
4.Related topics

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